Breakup Flashback
Posted by Eassum on May 25th, 2006 under Mystery
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Continued from Unforgettable Novel

Its funny the thoughts that run through your head when you’re taken by surprise.
It wasn’t the sight of Cressida in the Bonsai Garden that shocked me. It was the fact that she was armed with a cluster of pink geraniums extruding from a shoddy plastic garbage can.

My life flashed before me and recessed on a repressed memory. As I fell backwards towards the concrete path, the events of a morning from many months ago flickered through my mind like a Hollywood screenplay. . .

The scene changes to a coffee maker in a kitchen in a home.
Cressida: Did you water the Geraniums?
Eassum: Yes sweetie, when I got up.
Cressida: Aren’t you done making that coffee?
Eassum: The longer you wait the better the taste.
Cressida: I’ve waited three years and your coffee still sucks.
Eassum: Here you go then, I try my best.
Cressida: Yes Eassum, you always try…and that’s about it, you never accomplish, just try…when are you starting that MTV gig, I’m sick and tired of waiting for you to get a job.

[Flashback to phone conversation with MTV]

Eassum: What do you mean, you told me I had the role, you guys loved my auditions.
MTV person: We do apologize Mr. Nerby, but unfortunately the assistant to the assistant director has already given the part to an Irish transsexual DJ. We also discovered that we previously had an unemployed actor in season 2 and he wasn’t very popular. I do apologize; we will keep you in our files for future consideration.
Eassum: Really, well…reality TV needs a reality check!
MTV person: Whatever!
(Slams down phone)
[Return to Kitchen]

Eassum: I was thinking that we should move to Hollywood where I can get a better-paid position…a regular slot on some show…there’s plenty of “extra” work too…
Cressida: Are you for real? What about the part on the Oakland reality show…you promised it would be good money and that we could go to Cannes next year. Good money. Are you lying to me?
Eassum: No, I seriously think that a move is the best thing for us; start anew somewhere else.
Cressida: Are you crazy, we don’t have any money, when we met you said that you were going to take care of me, like a queen, like royalty you said. That’s all make belief Eassum, just like your job!
Eassum: Cressida! Please, sweetie don’t.
Cressida: Don’t sweetie me, theres nothing sweet left.

[Flashback to phone conversation with Chad]
Cressida: Hi Babes, how are you, listen I’ve told Eassum that I am donating some old clothes to the thrift store so come around now I will meet you around the block, the usual spot. Oh don’t worry I’ll tell him. I can’t wait to see the look on his face. Oh and I love the ring, I cant stop taking it out of the box… its beautiful …soon I will be able to wear it…soon.
[Return to Kitchen]

OK babes, I’ll be honest. You’re right there is no job, they didn’t give me the job.
Cressida: They didn’t give you the job?
Eassum: No they called last week they gave the part to someone else.
Cressida: Last week?
Eassum: Yes.
Cressida: Ok that’s it, I’m leaving you.
Eassum: Oh not this again, we can get through this
Cressida: There is no “we” Eassum, its over.
Eassum: Cressida, don’t be ridiculous; we have been through so much together!
Cressida: Yes we have been through thick and thin, to hell and back, over hurdle after hurdle after hurdle with no money, NO MONEY. You fooled me you complete incompetent. You conned me into believing your lies about your acting talent, your potential. The truth is, you don’t have any. You’re a worthless, untalented fool, with no backbone and no willpower and you’ve sucked me right in to your miserable, pathetic life.
Eassum: Cressida, we will get there, please be patient, I believe that good things will happen for us. We must be true to our passions, money will follow.
Cressida: With your insecurity Eassum there is no passion, there never has been.
Eassum: Don’t go Cressida, I love you.
Cressida: I can’t stand you Eassum, your lack of class, your color therapy sessions, your low quality existence, happy with nothing, content with your destiny in poverty.
Eassum: Come back Cressida your making a mistake, I truly love you.
Cressida: Call yourself a man? You’re a screw-up, a failure. You’ll always be a nobody.
[Door slams. . .
. . .Dog starts barking]

The crashing sound of the door and Rex’s barking brought me right back into the imminent present. My eyes opened to the dark shadow of Cressida blocking the Sun from my life. I lay incomprehensible, peering up at the tall, spindly silhouette of Cressida.

Happiness is exiting the building!


Continued next time. . .